Durga Auditorium

The Durga Auditorium has embarked on an ambitious project to construct a Cultural and Educational hall and ancillary facilities.

The hall will provide facilities to host cultural shows, traditional weddings, musical functions, conferences, symposiums, musical and dance debuts (arangetrams) birthday, anniversary celebrations, Durga Auditorium cultural functions such as Holi, Diwali.

The project when completed will stand as testimony to the aspirations of the Hindu community in New South Wales. However, building a centre of the calibre requires enormous amounts of resources. Although the Hindu Society has sufficient financial strength to command a loan interest of the Society to pay interest and have a large liability.

The Durga Auditorium’s main arm is the Sri Durgadevi Devasthanam. The Devasthanam proudly constructed the Cultural Hall structurally, having spent more than a million dollars on the building alone on a $2 million land.

The Devasthanam is confident that with the affluence of the members and devotees’ sufficient funds can be raised to complete this project in time.

The PHHP is one of the many fund-raising projects the Durga Auditorium will be embarking in the new year of 2011. In this scheme we are requesting you to invest an amount of which has sufficient return for you.

For example, you pay $2000 now, and you are shielded against any price rise in the hall hire charges for another 5 years. This is a very good investment which can be even transferred to your children of grand children or given as a gift.

Terms & Conditions

Application for hire of the Venue must be made in writing by a person over the age of (18) eighteen years.

If the application is made on behalf of a group, company or other body, the person must have and produce evidence of authority to commit the group, company or body to be bound by these conditions and the obligations thereby imposed and will be jointly responsible with the group, company or body for compliance with the conditions and payment of all fees, charges or liabilities which are or become payable in respect of the hiring. In the event of default by the group, company or body, the person will be personally responsible for the non-compliance and / or payment of such fees, charges and / or liabilities. If the application is made personally, the person will be responsible for compliance with the conditions and of payment of all fees, charges or liabilities which are or become payable in respect of the hiring. In these conditions, a reference to “person” or “persons” shall include persons, groups, companies or other bodies, whichever is appropriate.

The hirer will pay to the Devasthanam forthwith the fees, charges & bonds as specified, being;

The charges set out in the Devasthanams “Management Plan” for the hiring and for other services and facilities associated therewith will be payable by the hirer at the time of booking.

The cleaning & damage deposit; which shall be used by the Devasthanam to compensate or reimburse the Devasthanam for costs or expenses incurred by the Devasthanam in respect of or as a consequence of the hiring, including but not limited to cleaning costs and repairing or replacing damage.

The Devasthanam will account to the hirer for any balance of the bond after all such costs and expenses have been met or provided for.

In the event that the deposit bonds are not paid forthwith, the Devasthanam shall be entitled to relet the Venue at any time.

A key deposit (If applicable).
The full hire fees.
Insurance charges (If applicable).

Indemnity: “The hirer will at all times in the future keep indemnified Devasthanam and each of its agents and representatives against all actions, proceedings, losses , claims, demands, expenses and costs in respect of or arising out of the hirers use or hiring of the Venue provided that the action etc.arises from the neglect or default of the Hirer or the Hirer’s employees,agents or representatives”.

Insurance: “The hirer shall take out and keep in force, public liability insurance cover noting the interest of Sri Durgadevi Devasthanam, for not less than $20,000,000. Details of such cover are to be submitted with payment of the hire fees”.

Any hirer who is unable to effect or take out such insurance will notify the Devasthanam of such inability at the time of application to use a venue. In this event, Devasthanam may be able to provide public risk insurance of $10 000 000 for designated casual hirers. Such insurance will include a $2 000 excess which will be payable by the hirer in the event of a claim. The provision of insurance by Devasthanam is subject to clause 6.

Incorporated Bodies or Associations of any kind or profit making / commercial activities cannot be covered through Devasthanam’s insurance arrangements and must produce their own cover.

The hirer acknowledges that if any monies are not paid by the due date, the hiring will not be accepted and the Devasthanam shall be entitled to relet the Venue. The full hiring and any other charges shall be paid forthwith and the Devasthanam shall be entitled to relet the Venue at any time up to payment of the said charges. The hire charge and all other monies payable by and on behalf of the Hirer under this agreement are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST). Liability for GST (payable in respect of any taxable supply) is additional should the cleaning & damage bond be called upon.

The President/Secretary shall have full authority and discretion to cause the doors of the Venue to remain closed or to cause the doors to be opened for the admission of the public at any time. No liability or responsibility shall attach to the Devasthanam or its officers as a consequence of any action by or pursuant to a direction of the General Manager under this condition.

Should a booked date be changed, and another hire not found the following applies.

In the event of a cancellation by a casual/regular hirer an amount will be charged equivalent to the minimum hall hire fees for the venue.

In the event of a booking being transferred to another date a minimum charge of 50% of the hall hire fees will be charged.

The Devasthanam expressly reserves the right to revise fees and charges from time to time without notice.

The Devasthanam expressly reserves the right at its discretion and without stating a reason to refuse to accept any hiring or to cancel any hiring already made and the Devasthanam shall not be liable in any way for any loss or damage occasioned by the exercise of this right. In these circumstances, the Devasthanam may refund any portion of amounts paid on account of fees it considers warranted.

The President/Secretary shall:

Decide what services, staff or concomitants to a hiring are to be provided;

Decree what shall occur in circumstances connected with or involved in a hiring which are not provided for herein including the right to cancel a hiring forthwith and without notice; and any decision, resolution or decree made by him shall be at his discretion and final and binding on the hirer and the Devasthanam.

The President/Secretary or representative may refuse permission to any person to enter the Venue.

The hirer shall not bring nor cause or permit to be brought into the Venue any alcoholic beverages. Any consumption of alcoholic beverages in or around the Venue and its premises is strictly prohibited.

The hirer shall not bring nor cause or permit to be brought into the Venue an external cater. All catering requirements will be handled internally by the Devasthanam.

The Devasthanam will not provide any non-vegetarian food, any consumption of non-vegetarian food in or around the Venue and its premises is strictly prohibited.

The Hirer will comply at all times with the responsible and safe service of alcohol Legislation, in particular the aspects relating to under age and intoxication provisions.

No drink, food or other refreshment shall be taken into or consumed in the foyer, entrance or surrounding areas of the Venue.

The Venue and its surrounds must be left in a clean condition and all goods, property and materials brought in for or connected with a hiring must be removed from the Venue and any other premises owned by the Devasthanam not later than sixty (60) minutes after expiration of the period of the hiring or within such other period as may be agreed. The hirer shall leave the venue clean and all surfaces wiped clean at the conclusion of a booking. All floors are to be swept and kept clean at all times in particular spillage is to be cleaned as they occur.

All refuse and garbage shall be removed from the Venue and its surrounds within the period limited for vacating the Venue. Garbage and refuse shall be deposited in sound garbage cans provided with handles and tightly fitting lids or tied unbroken plastic bags before removal from the Venue and its surrounds.

Nails, screws, sticky tape, or any other fastenings must not be driven into or attached to walls, floors, furniture or fittings.

The bringing into the Venue or the use therein of confetti, chewing gum, fireworks or any other articles deemed by Devasthanam’s representative to be objectionable is prohibited.

The hanging of streamers, flags, bunting or other decorations is prohibited outside the premises.

Hirers using the Devasthanam’s tables for serving or handling refreshments of any kind must provide suitable tablecloths or other means of covering for all such tables. The Devasthanam’s representative is to be informed of the proposed form of table covering and if not approved, an alternative form of covering satisfactory to the Devasthanams representative is to be used.

Electric lighting, power and other like utilities may only be operated by an officer of the Devasthanam responsible for the hiring unless express permission for another to operate such facilities is granted by the Devasthanam (this condition does not apply where personnel of the Devasthanam are not in attendance at the hiring).

Connection to or interference with electrical installations, lighting equipment, sound system, stage fittings or other appurtenances of the Venue and the use of any apparatus for broadcasting without the permission of the Devasthanam is prohibited.

Furniture and other contents of the Venue are not to be removed from their usual positions without reference to and permission from the Devasthanam’s representative.

If any entertainment is proposed as part of a hiring, details and a description thereof are to be submitted to the Devasthanam for approval prior to the hiring.

Equipment, furniture and the like must not be brought into the Venue without the prior approval of the Devasthanam and must be carried over, not dragged along the Venue floor.

The hirer will not cause or permit any disorderly conduct in the Venue.

In the event of an accident or emergency, the Hirer shall forthwith contact the Devasthanam’s representative or emergency services.

The Devasthanam’s representative or other appropriate officer shall have the right (but not obliged) to inspect the hiring from time to time and make such reasonable orders, as they may consider appropriate.

The Devasthanam’s representative shall have the authority to terminate the hiring at any time in the event of an accident or emergency or if conduct, which is considered disorderly, occurs during a hiring.

The Hirer at the conclusion of the hiring will comply with any direction the Devasthanams representative may give at the conclusion of the hiring.

The hirer shall be responsible for all that occurs during a hiring. If the hirer is comprised or more than one is absent at any time or is other than a natural person; the hirer shall appoint a representative to be so responsible jointly with the hirer. The appointment and identity of any hirer’s representative shall be made known to the Devasthanam forthwith on the appointment. The hirer shall be responsible for any demand, claim or action taken or brought by any person carrying out work for or on behalf of the hirer and indemnifies the Devasthanam in respect thereof.

The hirer shall not transfer, assign, sublet or sub-hire his/her rights in respect of the hiring.

No cinematography, projector or the like shall be operated in the Venue or any section or part thereof without the permission of the Devasthanam and the hirer shall at his expense provide such protective apparatus and appliances as may be directed by any responsible officer of the Devasthanam.

No flashlight camera of any kind shall be permitted in the Venue or any part thereof without the permission of the Devasthanam and the hirer shall at his expense provide such protective apparatus and appliances as may be directed by any responsible officer of the Devasthanam.

The hirer warrants that he will observe all the provisions of the Commonwealth Copyright Act and will pay any royalties due under that or any other Act which may become payable during or as a consequence of the hiring. The Devasthanam reserves the right to cancel the hiring and use of the Venue where it appears that this condition will not be observed.

The hirer shall not advertise any activity or entertainment the subject of a hiring or erect, affix, paint, post, chalk or display any sign, notice, device or representation in the nature of an advertisement anywhere without Devasthanam’s written permission.

The hirer shall ensure that all directions as to safety given by any responsible officer of the Devasthanam are observed.

The hirer will obtain any necessary or appropriate approval from the appropriate authority for any activity or performance to be held in the Venue during the hiring and shall indemnify the Devasthanam against all actions, claims, demands, costs, charges, expenses, fines, penalties and forfeitures arising out of any breach of this condition.

The hirer shall not permit any concourse or colonnade forming part of or within the precincts of the Venue to be used for any purpose other than access by pedestrians.

Where guests are under the age of twenty-one (21), Devasthanam requires assurance that the ratio of (1) one adult over twenty-one (21) years of age to every ten (10) guests under twenty-one (with the exception of school concerts or similar events). The adult supervisors must be capable of maintaining order at the functions.

Lecture Theatre     Banquet (Buffet)    Banquet (Sit-down)

The Cultural Hall    750    500    600

These numbers may be reduced if the use is determined as unsuitable for the Venue.

Insofar as it is relevant to the hire, the hirer warrants to Devasthanam that it –

Has or will, at all times that are relevant to this agreement comply with all of its obligations under the Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998 and the Commission for Children and Young Act 1998 (both Acts hereinafter referred to collectively as “the Child Protection Legislation͟ and, in particular, will comply with those obligation during the term of this agreement.

The hirer does hereby, and shall forever, indemnify the Devasthanam from and against all claims, demands, actions and suits (and costs thereof calculated upon an indemnity basis) arising out of a breach by the hirer of any of its obligations under the Child Protection Legislation and / or any of the warranties herein contained.

It will comply with all of the obligations of an employer in relation to new employees in accordance with the Child Protection Legislation.

He she is not a prohibited person within the meaning of the Child Protection Legislation.

Insofar as it is aware, none of its existing employees are prohibited persons within the meaning of the Child Protection Legislation.

Has obtained a prohibited persons declaration and has screened all of its current employees within the meaning of the Child Protection Legislation.

All persons attending a function must observe parking rules and regulations. Any vehicles found to be parked illegally during the event, i.e. Vehicles obstructing driveways or parked on the footpath, will receive an infringement.

The hirer is responsible for ensuring that fire doors and emergency exits are not obstructed. The placing of furniture, boxes or any other item or structure within two (2) metres or within the areas of the exits as marked on the floor of any opening is prohibited.

Candles are permitted only when concealed within a glass receptacle. Candles may be used on such items as birthday cakes or for religious ceremonies and must be directly supervised by the hirer of the venue. Any other requests regarding candles will need to be discussed with the Devasthanam’s representative.

The level of noise emissions from any activity within the facility shall not exceed normal background noise level when measured at the nearest boundary of any residential property. After 11.30 pm the noise emissions shall not exceed the background noise at any point outside the hall. These conditions also pertain to noise made whilst entering and departing from a venue.

The hirer must not use any amusement devices as defined under the Local Government Act 1993 without written Devasthanam approval.

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the venue and its premises.

I certify that I will read the Emergency Procedures Document on display in the Venue before commencing any activities and will comply with them should an emergency occur.

I have read and completely understood all points in both the Application to Hire and Terms and Conditions and I or my representative will comply with all the conditions and at all times.


In completing this form, you will be prompted to supply information that is personal information for the purposes of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. The supply of this information is voluntary. If you cannot provide, or do not wish to provide the information sought, the Devasthanam may be unable to process your request.

Devasthanam is required under the Act to inform you about how your personal information is being collected and used. If you require further information, please contact Devasthanam’s Customer Service on 9952 8222 and ask for an information sheet to be forwarded to you.

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