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Devasthanam is a non-profit religious organisation registered in 2002 in NSW. In October 2002, The Sri Durgadevi Devasthanam was inaugurated to maintain the Hindu Religion and to maintain the Hindu culture in the community. The main objectives of the Devasthanam are to worship Goddess Durga, to promote Hinduism and to help disadvantaged people. The organisation aims to impart religious, educational and cultural values of Hinduism to our community and future generations. The main deities of the Sri Durga Devasthanam’s Durga Amman Temple are Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswathy. Initially, the Pooja was conducted in Homebush High School on a weekly basis, every Friday. The Sri Durgadevi Devasthanam Sydney Inc., was registered as a Charity Organisation, and an incorporated body after newly adapting a constitution. The Management Committee is elected by members in accordance with the Constitution on an annual basis.

Purchase of the Land – 21 Rose Crescent, Regents Park NSW 2143
In 2005, the Sri Durgadevi Devasthanam paid a deposit to secure the land of one acre at 21 Rose Crescent, Regents Park at value of $2.05 million. The Temple land is in close proximity to the Regents Park Station and close the Hindu communities, within Sydney. The final settlement and Foundation Ceremony ͞Boomi Pooja͟ were conducted in August 2006. Following the construction of the Temporary Prayer Hall (Stage 1 of Construction), in Late 2006, the three deities were moved to the Temple land, with a momentous inauguration ceremony.

Three-Stage Construction of the Temple Complex
Stage 1 was completed in October 2006 and consisted of a Temporary Prayer Hall with amenities. The poojas are conducted four times a day at, 8:00am, 12:00pm, 4:30pm and 7:00pm. Abhishekams and Homams are also conducted regularly. The Chandi Homams, Navagraha Homams and other special rituals are conducted on request.

Stage 2 Construction commenced in August 2009, at the cost of $1.85 million and consists of an Educational/Cultural Hall. The Hall has a height elevation of 6 metres, with a 3 metre excavated base. This is due to be completed in early 2010. This will be the first Hindu community hall, within a Temple Complex in Australia.

Community Services
In 2007, the Sri Durgadevi Devasthanam employed a Saiva Kurukal to perform Last Rites and associated rituals, for the Hindu community. This Saiva Kurukal is the only priest of his kind, who is trained and skilled in the ceremonies of Last Rites and related rituals. His services have extended from the east coast of Australia all the way to Perth.

The Annual Festival
The Annual Festival is conducted in February-March every year. Named ͞Alangara Utsavum͟, it spans for 10 days and concludes with the Masi Maham Theertham. The Masi Maham Theertham is a highly auspicious day for Goddess Durga. This festival always attracts a large number of devotees.

The Durga Amman Temple is the only Temple outside India, that houses the Goddesses Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathy. Therefore, the holy festival of Navarathiri is held yearly during the September-October months. The 10-day festival, concluding with Vijaya Thasami has various musical and dance performances daily.

Management Committee
At present, the Devasthanam has 124 fully paid members and 94 associate members. The Management Committee is elected on an annual basis and consists of 9 members. Their function is to govern the Devasthanam.

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